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unidentified object on film
Still from a video taken in Fouesnant, France, by Laurent DUVAL. Date: July 26, 2001. . As he is videotaping an unusual phenomenon, Mr. DUVAL describes what happens: "Itís definitely in the air. Itís not moving. Must be a UFO. Looks like two small balls of light parallel to one another. Definitely not a helicopter. Look, there are small points of light passing from one sphere to the other. Now if thatís not a UFO, then whatÖ". The wife and daughter of Mr. DUVAL, who are standing beside him, are as baffled as he is. The phenomenon is stationary for more than a minute, then moves away to the left, finally revealing its true nature: an ordinary airplane. Mr. DUVAL, a former airplane assistant (!), immediately acknowledges his mistake. Thinking about the experience afterwards, he believes the lights belonged to a private plane that took off from the civilian airfield in Scaer, 27 km (16.8 miles) northeast of Fouesnant.

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