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flame pillar
Reflection of a gas flame photographed during twilight on November 10, 2003 (time: 5:45 pm). The photo is the first out of a series of eleven, taken from the same roof terrace from which images OP-PH-06 and 07 were shot. The golden glow on the horizon is the light of the setting sun combined with the light of the gas flame. Amateur meteorologists in Belgium and the Netherlands reported seeing spectacular lunar halos that night.

Camera: Zenit 12 XP in combination with a 28 mm lens. Film: Kodak Gold 200 ASA. Exposure: 5 to 10 seconds at f/5.6. Distance between the light source and the camera: 6.8 km (4.2 miles). Altitude of the reflective cloud layer: 4.3 km (13.780 feet).