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light pillar
This needle-shaped reflection from a gas flame at the Dow Chemical plant in Terneuzen, the Netherlands, was photographed by Marc WILLEMS from his home in Lovendegem, Belgium. The reflection appeared at 10:42 pm on April 19, 2006. The white dot slightly to the left and below the reflection is Deneb. The dot close to the right-hand side of the frame is Wega. A second, nearly identical but slightly out-of-focus picture was taken two minutes earlier. The camera used was a Nikon D70 digital camera with ASA set at 200. The exposure time was 6 seconds. Distance between the light source and the camera: 31km ( 19.3 miles). Altitude of the reflective cloud layer: 3.9 km (12,795 feet)

[© Marc WILLEMS - photo used with permission (Marc WILLEMS has his own web site at]