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pillar-shaped reflection
A major gas flame flares up from a petrochemical complex in Antwerp, illuminating the horizon and creating this pillar-shaped reflection in the sky above. A few instants after this picture was taken, a second reflection appeared (see next image). Both photos date from the Winter of 1998-1999. The location: Kasterlee, a village in the northern part of Belgium and approximately 45 km (28 miles) east of the petrochemical complex.

After he took his pictures, the photographer got into his car and chased the lights to their origin. When he arrived at one of the standpipes from which the flames emanated, he opened the car window and felt the heat of the giant flame enter the car (the thermometer on the dashboard registered a sudden rise in temperature of 7° C). The standpipe in question is 204 m (669 feet) high.

[© Ronald DE WEGER - photo used with permission]