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light pillars near Toronto, Canada
Artificial light pillars photographed by Lori CHECKOWY near Toronto, Canada, on January 22, 2003. Mrs. CHECKOWY was able to identify the source of the two brightest pillars pictured here: they were spotlights from a lumber-yard in King City. The other, less articulate light pillars to the right of the picture, originated from a high-school ground. For displays like these to occur, ice-crystal plates have to form close to the ground. At the time Mrs. CHECKOWY took her picture, the ground level temperature was about -15 Celsius. The photo was taken using a Ricoh 28 mm lens, and an exposure of 15 to 20 seconds at f/2.8.

[© Lori CHECKOWY - Photo used with permission (more pictures by Lori CHECKOWY can be found on; for more images of light pillars in general see]