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light pillars near Helvesiek, Germany
Picture No. 6 taken from Helvesiek on January 28, 1998. Time: 8:50 pm. Exposure: 60 seconds at f/2.8, using a 50 mm lens and a Fuji 800 film. Two yellowish pillars are now visible on the southeastern horizon. The dark hat-shaped "object" on top of the beams is just a narrow gap in the cloud-deck (similar gaps also appear in picture No. 5, taken 5 minutes earlier). The white dot in the upper part of the picture, and slightly to the right of the pillars, is Procyon. The white dot close to the right-hand frame is Sirius.

[© Heino BARDENHAGEN - photo used with permission (more pictures by Heino BARDENHAGEN can be viewed on]