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smoke ring
Second of two photos taken of a smoke ring near Alphen-aan-den-Rijn, the Netherlands. The woman who took the photos was riding her bike when at 5 p.m. she noticed a "circular pattern" - here seen on edge - that appeared out of nowhere. She compared the phenomenon to "an oversized, wobbling bicycle tire that slowly faded and fell apart".

The photos were sent to the Belgian UFO/UAP reporting centre, managed by Frederick DE LAERE.

Correspondence with Dutch investigators revealed that an independent witness had seen a "woolly", "smoke- like", "black string in the shape of an endless loop" three quarters earlier on the same day (December 23, 2007).

Despite our efforts, the origin of the rings could not be determined.

[© T.H. - photo used with permission (our thanks to Frederick DE LAERE for sending us the pictures and details of the case, as well as to Frits WESTRA of UFO Werkgroep Nederland for notifying us of the existence of a second eye-witness account)]