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 Case summary

The picture below surfaced in the seventies and was published in several UFO books and journals.

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The photographer, a German tourist by the name of Gunther "Fensky" WILDEMANN, claims he spotted this unidentified disc-shaped object in the early evening of November 23, 1966. According to the photographer, the spinning disc remained stationary for about 15 minutes before it took off at great speed in the direction of the setting sun.

Little more is known about this picture, except that it was taken at Benidorm, a popular holiday resort near the city of Alicante in eastern Spain.


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In reality the picture taken by Mr. WILDEMANN shows a solitary lenticular cloud. The UFO story is false. Lenticular clouds are very common in the eastern and southern coastal areas of Spain. They are regularly photographed by tourists because of the sometimes striking resemblance these clouds bear to "flying saucers".

 Our opinion

This is not a UFO, but a cloud.

 Notes & References

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