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CAELESTIA sees it as one of its major tasks to find out to which extent reports of unidentified sky phenomena can be explained by natural causes and man-made objects. We think that both the scientific community and serious UFO investigators can benefit from such an approach.

An advantage of modern times is that it is now much easier to obtain data on the meteorological and astronomical situation for a case one wants to investigate. This, together with a vast collection of correspondence, articles and photographs pertaining to all sorts of natural anomalies and man-made contraptions, has enabled CAELESTIA to identify - or partly identify - hundreds of UFO reports. Several of these reports have developed into classics over the years and, to this day, many of them are still regarded as evidence of unearthly manifestations by leading figures in the UFO community.

A selection of sighting reports which received a prosaic explanation (be it through our own efforts, or those of others) is given below.

You can test your own skills as a UFO detective by clicking the name of the location for an incident of your choice and by reading the "Case Summary" first. This enables you to make your own estimated guess as to what may have caused the phenomenon described in the chosen UFO/UAP report. You can then scroll further down to "Evaluation" and "Our opinion", and compare your personal evaluation with the one we propose.

Case examples that are being commented on will show the visitor resp. icon next to the title.

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