M o d e r n   a r t   s c u l p t u r e s 

Already in the 1960ies creative architects were designing buildings in the shape of futuristic spaceships. It took another twenty years though before flying saucer imagery found its way to the cultivators of the fine arts. In other words, it was only when stories about crashed saucers and UFO abductions had convinced half the Western population that extraterrestrial visitors were a proven reality, that UFOs in all shapes and sizes began to show up regularly in contemporary art.

Normally, artistic sculptures and installations belong in a museum, a gallery or an urban area (such as a park or a market place). Indeed, these are not the best of locations for a sculpture to be mistaken for a UFO or flying saucer. Still, sculptures are sometimes exhibited outside their normal habitat and placed into a more natural environment. This can be done either to create an interaction with the landscape, or to simply amuse or shock accidental spectators.