O t h e r   u n u s u a l   c l o u d   s h a p e s 

The photos in this gallery are of clouds that are sometimes difficult to assign to a specific cloud type. Some of the clouds shown here technically belong to the altocumulus lenticularis family. They form on the lea-side of a mountain range but don't have the typical lens or plate-like appearance. Instead, air currents from opposite directions transform the clouds into more complex shapes, sometimes giving them the appearance of gigantic spaceships. Especially when seen from a great distance or from a moving vehicle, such unusual cloud shapes can easily cause confusion in the minds of accidental observers. Because of the transient nature of clouds, UFO reports that are caused by them, have little chance of ever receiving an explanation. Even the mere suggestion that a reported UFO may have been a cloud will, understandably, create a sense of disbelief among most people. The photos in this gallery show that the idea of clouds as a cause of UFO reports should not be dismissed too quickly.