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 Received : 04/03/08  Matthew GRAEBER   

I just thought I should write you regarding something my wife and I observed about two years ago. We were driving along a road designed the 422 by-pass from King of Prussia heading towards Reading, Pa. (That's going West.)

It was about 2 in the afternoon [*] and we were approaching the town of Limerick, which has a nuclear power plant and two enormous cooling towers which can easily be seen from the roadway. Most often the towers appear on the left, as one heads West, but, at times, because the roads winds a bit, the towers look like they are on the right. (That's merely an optical illusion.)

Anyway, as we were travelling along, I noticed a very bright white cloud which was lower than background clouds and smaller. It was almost spherical in shape, and as I watched it, it suddenly seemed to lose its brightness and density fading away quite quickly.

Then, much to my surprise, another bright white spherical cloud formed in the prior cloud's approximate position, again, it was much brighter than the background of higher clouds and started to vanish in a similar fashion as the first cloud.

Across the roadway, I noticed one of the cooling towers was emitting quite a bit of steam, which seemed to quickly evaporate in the February air [*] and became invisible to the naked eye. However, at about the same altitude and at least a quarter to a half mile distant, yet, another spherical cloud took form and grew brighter.

My wife and I observed this cycle occur four times before passing the emissions drift location. It was spectacular, and if I had not seen the plant's tower in operation at the time, I'd still be scratching my head wondering what in the world it was.

I thought you might find this observation to be of some interest.

Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.

[*] After discussing the matter with my wife, the month was probably mid-January and it occurred about 9 am. She believes, we returned from Reading (pronounced Reding) about 2 pm.

[Matt GRAEBER is a veteran investigator of reports of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena. From 1972 to 1980, Matt was the director of the Philadelphia-based UFO Report and Information Center (UFORIC), a research group that investigated UFO reports from the tri-state area Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. UFORIC worked independent from other UFO groups and their investigations were conducted using a strict protocol.]

Our reply :

We always welcome personal accounts of unusual observations. Matt's experience strengthens our suspicion that unusual clouds forming over nuclear plants, heating centers and industrial aeras, are much more apt to produce UFO reports than previously recognized. We continue to collect such reports, and any help from our visitors is highly appreciated.


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